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Dry Erase Markers Holders and Clips

Dry Erase Markers Holders Animation


Whether you call them dry erase markers holders or dry erase markers clips, here's an inexpensive way to attach thin dry erase markers to many different kinds surfaces, including promotional dry erase boards and calendars. If you don't need bunches and bunches of clips and markers, be sure to check out our Special 10 Set Pak.

Plain Dry Erase Markers Holders

Dry Erase Markers Holders Clips

Plain dry erase marker holders slide over the edge of thin dry erase boards and are held in place by friction.

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Self Adhesive Dry Erase Markers Clips

Self Adhesive Dry Erase Markers Holders Clips

Self-adhesive dry erase marker clips have an adhesive foam pad that attaches the clip to a clean flat surface.

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Assembled Dry Erase Markers and Holders

Assembled Dry Erase Markers Holders
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Dry erase markers the same diameter as a #2 pencil or a stick pen easily snap into both styles of clips.

Typical Plain Clip Installation

Dry Erase Markers Clips Style 2
Plain Clip

Dry Erase Markers Holders Installation
Squeeze Clip to Install

Dry Erase Markers Holders attached
Plain Clip on Board

Dry Erase Markers Holders
Marker in Plain Clip on Board

Typical Use on a Small Dry Erase Board

10 Set Pak

Plain Clip Assembly

Plain Marker Holder Clip gif

Adhesive Clip Assembly

Adhesive Marker holder clip gif

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