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Suggested Uses

Dry Erase Markers Holders Animation


This is not a complete list, but here are some places the clips might be used:

Promotional Dry Erase Boards - the standard clips are a great, inexpensive way to attach a thin dry erase marker to promotional dry erase boards. A typical promotional dry erase board has a sheet of backing material, a sheet of artwork, and a dry erase finish. Just slide the "jaws" of the clip onto an edge of the dry erase board and snap the dry erase marker into place.

Magnetic-Backed Dry Erase Boards and Calendars - we've used the clips with dry erase boards and calendars that have a full-sized magnetic sheet as the backing. The clips have been used with various thicknesses of sheeting from 0.010" to 0.030"

D.I.Y. Dry Erase Boards - some of our customers make do it yourself dry erase boards. Companies providing in-home nursing care make boards to remind their clients about medications and upcoming appointments.

Marker, Pen, & Pencil Holders - Churches attach the self-adhesive clips to the backs of pews and chairs to provide a place to store writing implements. The self-adhesive clips have the same "jaws" as the plain clips, so flyers and thin brochures can be held in place by the same clip that holds a marker, pen, or pencil.

Factories have self-adhesive clips at various places on the production floor to provide a place for workers to store their writing utensils.

Offices use the self-adhesive clips to keep pens and markers handy..



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