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Marker Clips & Marker Holders Sizes

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Dry Erase Marker Clips Size - There are two versions of our plastic dry erase marker holders - plain dry erase marker clips and self-adhesive dry erase marker clips. The two dry erase marker holders are identical, except that the self-adhesive clip has an adhesive "peel and stick" pad on the back.

Marker Clips Approximate imensions

Clips are 1" wide

Clip Depth
Clips are 3/4" deep

Clips are 3/8" high

Dry Erase Board Thickness - The "jaws" of the plain clips slide over the edge of thin dry erase boards and are held in place by friction. As a rule of thumb, a dry erase board should be at least as thick as 5 sheets of 28 pound copier paper, but no thicker than 11 sheets of 28 pound copier paper for the plain clips to work properly. Our self adhesive clips can be used with thinner or thicker dry erase boards. We'll be happy to provide samples of the plain and self-adhesive clips so you can determine if they will work with your product.

Dry Erase Markers Sizes - Both the plain dry erase marker holders and the self adhesive dry erase marker clips hold a marker that is the same diameter as a standard #2 pencil or a stick pen.

As the photo to the right shows, the clips can hold thin dry erase markers, stick pens, standard #2 pencils, and even carpenter's pencils.

Unfortunately, markers, pens, pencils, and any other items larger in diameter than these items will not fit in the clips.

Clip Capacity

Dry Erase Marker Clip
Dry Erase Marker Holder / Dry Erase Marker Clip

Marker Clip with self adhesive pad
Adhesive Dry Erase Marker Holder / Adhesive Dry Erase Marker Clip


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